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Puttin’ on the Ritz

Me and my friend on another planet--the London Ritz!

Me and my friend on another planet–the London Ritz!

If getting attacked by jungle cats in the Pantanal or fleeing a revolution in Yala are not your thing, then consider trying this:

Afternoon tea–at the Ritz–in London!


Though it will set you back approximately $100 per person, a team of top Friedman-economists from the University of Chicago would not be able to explain how they make a profit.

It is the Mother of all quasi-meal services. It is the Alpha and Omega of customer service. The experience so absolutely shuts the hermetic seal between the moment you are in–and the external reality you seek to avoid–your lover could have collapsed in the parking lot and you wouldn’t think to call an ambulance.

There are chandeliers and museum quality impressionist art in the toilet stalls (you are not going to the bathroom, you are having an emotional experience), and (I’m not joking) the world’s fifth largest diamond is for sale in the gift shop.

It’s the sort of hotel experience that gets passed down as an oral history and mythical legend from generation to generation.

I guess what I’m saying is: I really liked the place.

They will treat you like a Queen! (Unless that’s also not your thing.)